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【COOL】Glowing Reflective football
【COOL】Glowing Reflective football
【COOL】Glowing Reflective football
【COOL】Glowing Reflective football

【COOL】Glowing Reflective football

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  • Glowing Reflective Soccer Ball is made of patent-pending holographic, reflective leather and is a complete breakthrough in sporting goods technology, revolutionizing the way sports are played.

    our brand aims to get people ACTIVE with creative new ways to play sports you already love. You and your friends or teammates can keep practicing when the sun goes down!

  • People of all ages love this soccer ball, whether you're a pro, a soccer freestyler, or just love playing soccer – this ball is for you. It's the perfect gift for any athlete! Be one of the first to own the coolest soccer ball ever and light up your game today!

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  • THE GLOW EFFECT- The HoloGear soccer ball appears glowing on your phone screen when you take flash videos or flash pictures and also glows to your naked-eye with the new HoloGlasses to play at night.

  • PERFECT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS- The photos and videos you take are great for sharing on social media like Instagram, Snapchat or any other place to share content online.

  • GIVE A UNIQUE GIFT- Chances are, no one you know has seen a soccer ball like the HoloGear ball, and any soccer lovers you know are sure to be surprised by its unique holographic appearance.

  • DURABLE QUALITY LEATHER- The indoor and outdoor ball is made with composite hygroscopic leather with 100% nylon windings and a rubber bladder for excellent bounce shape retention.

  • HOW IT WORKS- The HoloGear Soccer Ball is made with patent-pending reflective leather, which is brand new technology to be implemented into sports equipment.

  • Color: Multi Color Glow

  • Size: 5

  • Comes inflated in packaging

  • including  pump and steel needle




Now you can create eye-catching soccer highlights that show off your amazing skills to share with friends, family, coaches, and followers on social media.